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Life Verse Painting

$65.00 - $95.00
Life Verse Painting

*CHRISTMAS CUSTOMS ARE CLOSED. You’re welcome to order a custom painting, but you will not receive it until the new year.*

Putting together your own custom life verse painting is easy! Simply, decide the child you would like to be painted and the verse(s) from the Bible that has been selected for them. Then, you are ready to place an order!

Once you have finished your order, email a picture of the child for this custom painting to Please include your name and any specific instructions for your custom painting. Example: “My son’s life verse is Psalm 62:5-7, and his name is Jackson. Please include his name in the painting.”

This custom painting makes a precious gift for yourself or for a good friend who just had a sweet little blessing come into this world!

This product is an 8 x 10, 9 x 12, or 11 x 14 custom watercolor painting.

Expect order to ship in 6-8 weeks!